Light Source is a company which brings a wealth of experience to the custom installation. We our based out of Sandyford, Dublin. Light source will design, and install a sequence specific to your needs. We aim to satisfy by developing a concept which realises clients wishes over and beyond their expectations.

Exhibition Lighting

exhibition-lightingExhibitions are an influential, flexible and highly cost-effective business tool – as well as being significant wealth generators in their own right. In established economies they are a vital part of the marketing mix, alongside direct selling, advertising, direct mail and the Internet.

Fully recognising the wealth of exposure opportunities presented by taking part in an exhibition Light Source have perfected their capacity to Wow the exhibition audience with our huge range of lighting solutions

Conference Lighting

conference-lightingWe will assist you from basic visual requirements to full-scale production sets – computerised presentations – wall and floor lighting systems with automated visuals and corporate massages. These ranges of products are unique to this market segment.

Property Launch Lighting

property-launch-lightingLight Source have witnessed construction design as becoming an evolving fashion culture, and feel that any new or upgraded property released into the sales arena must reflect this. Having developed a sound knowledge of the construction market place and the demands it imposes upon developers and their budgets, we supply the Imagination, Account Management Team, Lighting Engineers and Booking Facilities to suit every launch. We provide the indispensable elements that bring visibility and energy to your buildings, Using staged eye-catching concepts resulting in encouraging awareness and purchasing enthusiasm, Light Source enhances the newsworthiness and value of your development.

Car Launch Lighting

car-launch-lightingCommitted to reflecting the specific personality and specification of each brand of automobile and individual model of car, we portray them to their greatest advantage.

Whether it’s a gushing water fall to show ruggedness and safety, supermodels echoing the stylishness, or maturity reflected in good wine and serene décor, Light Source creates the environment in which to display the cars individuality Special Events, we provide the lighting WOW factor.

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